Theo Aid

  • Through this website we are aiming to provide an online help to our brothers who are serving in the congregation.
  • Therefore we have developed various tools that we provide freely, including the server. Everything is free.
  • Currently we have the following application:
  • a help for the operating committee (for one or several congregations).
  • a help for management of the congregation territory.
  • The goal is to build simple applications that make the task easier and are not complicated.


With this application, the operating committee can easily keep track of all projects. In this way everyone is always kept aware of what has been done in and around the Kingdom Hall. When something has changed in the progress of a project or , something has been added, then an email is automatically sent to the other committee members in order to keep them up to date . There is also space for the storage of documents, photos, drawings and even the financial administration.
A complete, clear and fast system that runs entirely online.
Click on the image for a working demo.

Some of the applications are still in Dutch but we are working on it, be patient.


With this application the territory servant and / or his assistant can easily manage the field service territory of the congregation. Issuing and recieving territory is simply a matter of a couple of mouse clicks and every night it will generate a list such as the familiar yellow lists that the circuit overseer checks.. Also, the territories themselves are stored so that if a territory is lost then a new one can easily be made.
The application can also be customized to your own needs.
Additionally, you can also give rights to other brothers to work in or only to observe.
Click on the image for a working demo.

Some parts of the application are still in Dutch but we are working on it, be patient.


Why So

Currently I am serving as an elder in a congregation, and serve in the operating committee . Because I find it important to work in an orderly way and to enjoy good communication I have developed an application to make this possible. This application has been working for several years now, and with complete satisfaction and whenever something is done to the Kingdom Hall or has to be done, we create a new "project" and everyone is informed of its progress.

I also have access to unlimited server space and traffic, and I like to make this available to the brothers.

Because some time ago questions arose as to whether such a system could also work for the management of the territories, we have been looking into this.
That is why we are able to offer this as well.

All this is completely free of charge, including the management and maintenance.

Of course we are always open for ideas and improvements.



Do you have any questions or comments?
Maybe you have a good idea or a program that have made and want to share.
Do you want to use one or more of the applications?
Just send an email to

  • You can also call (031) 621287792